Arboravida™ Holding Cross Stories

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“My Journey with Breast Cancer”
“My Arboravida™ Holding Cross is a comforting symbol of Christ for me to hold while I pray. The Scripture meditations help me to draw near to Christ and focus on Him and His mercy. This Holding Cross has been so special to me that I have given them to my family, friends and our staff at my husband’s dental office for their birthdays. It was a comfort to me during my journey with breast cancer and so I have shared them with others on the same journey. Knowing this cross was handcrafted in the Holy Land where our Lord Jesus walked and lived makes it a treasure.” - Dru Johnson

“My Favorite Gift to Give”
“I have purchased many Arboravida™ Holding Crosses for family and friends for a variety of life events. I particularly love to share a cross with an expectant mother, encouraging her to hold on to it as she brings her new baby into the world. The smaller crosses are a perfect gift for the new baby or for a child’s baptism or birthday. I have given the crosses as a simple birthday or ‘just because’ gift. One dear friend called to thank me for the cross and shared this, ‘I reached into my purse looking for my keys and felt the cross…it was a reminder to me that I can reach out and touch a part of God; I can hold Him in my hand. It is comforting to carry the holding cross with me wherever I go.’ The Arboravida™ Holding Cross makes that possible and is my favorite gift to give.” - Charlotte Guest

“Global and Personal Significance”
“I took the Arboravida™ Holding Crosses with me to Uganda last summer and gave them to individuals on my medical team and they loved them. The last night before we went home, as the leaders sat around the fire, I gave the Holding Crosses as an appreciation memento for their effort. We gave the boxed crosses to many of the pastors in the villages and they felt very honored. I have also given them to local pastors and my co-workers to say thank you. The cross has significance on a global level as well as special meaning for each person.” - Dr. Scott May

“God Is Here for Me”
“During a most difficult time in my life, I prayed to our Lord to be present in my life and to make His presence known to me. While shopping in a neighborhood gift shop, I came across an Arboravida™ Holding Cross. It was the last one and was simply lying flat on the shelf. I picked it up (because I love holdable items), but placed it back, thinking I would rather have something to hang on my rear view mirror in my car. As I stood waiting to check out, I decided to go back and add the Holding Cross to my purchases. “When I finally had the chance to look at my Cross and the natural grains on it, what a moving revelation...on the left upper extension of the cross was an angel, winged and robed, depicted by the grains. I had lost my father last year and he had always called me his ‘Little Angel.’ Studying my Cross further, on the lower portion, appeared the image of Jesus Christ sitting with His hands on His lap, surrounded by shapes like indistinct people, as if He were preaching to the masses at the Mount of Olives (the Cross is made from the olive tree). What a revelation to me. God showed me He is here for me and will not forsake me. I know He lives. May God bless you.” - Lyna Lee

“They Were not Forgotten”
“I am a foreign missionary and lead a Bible study with Asian nationals. We were talking about the fellowship of believers, and the relationship that we have with each other determines the impact that we have on the unbelieving world. Since many of them come from animists backgrounds, I had to warn them not to use their Arboravida™ Holding Cross as a good luck charm. It was good to say that you were communicating to them, and that they were not forgotten in their world of isolation. Thank you.” - Kara Garrison