The Journey Cross

Nature’s wonder of colors and textures inspired the creation of the Journey Holding Cross, a reassuring symbol of hope on all our journeys.

Colors are God’s idea, and the colors of each Journey Holding Cross are natural and vibrant. The vintage patina finish points to the valuable beauty that comes when time and circumstances create in us character, endurance, and an ageless shine. When we embrace the Journey Holding Cross we discover its textured landscape of peaks and valleys—those ups and downs, joys and troubles that invite us beyond ourselves to God and to others. In the cross we see how big God’s love is. The cross is a constant reminder that there can be good in bad times that hope is greater than despair. That God is holding on to us, so we can keep holding on.

About the Artist: Sculpted by nationally known artist Gary E. Hale, the Journey Holding Cross is made to fit in the palm of your hand. The cross is ideal for personal use in prayer and meditation, and is also a meaningful gift. A work of art, it is reproduced in resin and hand painted.

©2008 The Good Gift Compay