The Arboravida Holding Cross

The large Arboravida™ Holding Cross is our custom design made by craftsmen in Bethlehem exclusively for The Good Gift Company. Patterned from an ancient design found in a centuries-old European chapel, the holding cross is made to fit in the palm of your hand. From generation to generation, the practice of handheld crosses has helped people in prayer and nurtured faith in all life circumstances.

The large Arboravida™ Holding Cross measures approximately 3-inches by 4-inches. Each holding cross is individually handcrafted from aged olive wood. Variations are normal and enhance the unique beauty of the piece. The color of each cross varies.

About the Craftsmen:The large Arboravida™ Holding Cross is handmade through a seven-step process by small family-owned businesses in Bethlehem. It was cut from the prunings of olive trees growing since the time of Christ. The trimming of old and unproductive trees is essential for healthier growth and environmental stability. No trees were destroyed or damaged in the harvesting of this olive wood.


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