Gifts of Lasting Significance™

The Good Gift Company is in business to bring gifts of lasting significance to the marketplace. Money can’t buy the lasting meaning people seek, but the Good Gift vision is to offer items that (1) bring recognition and business to craftspeople, especially those who live in difficult places around the world, (2) point people to values beyond immediate gratification, and (3) make an impact for responsible stewardship of the world’s resources. These values give added significance to The Good Gift Company vision.

Meet The Good Gift Company Principals

Liz Decker

“Art has been a part of my life for many years. My spirit has been touched through the many forms of creative expression of craftsmen and artists as they explore the meaning of divine and human, spirit and matter. The creation and use of the Arboravida™ Holding Cross has held extraordinary meaning for me personally. Our mission is to share this gift with people everywhere, as a touch point of our universal connection.”

Liz lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with her husband, Gary, a general surgeon. The couple has two sons who also serve in the medical profession, one as a surgical nurse and the other as an anesthesiologist.

June Autry

“In spite of struggles in prayer, the urge of my heart to pray is unrelenting. In each season, in darkness and light, in empty silence and grateful outpourings, I have found the words of the prophet Isaiah to be true, “The Lord waits to be gracious to you” (Isaiah 30:18). Praying with the Arboravida™ Holding Cross helps to focus my prayer on the cross of Christ which mysteriously but assuredly leads to life. My prayer is that you find God’s embrace, his grace and life, in every season of your heart.”

June and her husband, Arden, live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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